(WJHL) — The concept of farm-to-table is slowly taking off in the Tri-Cities region. A local business embraced agro-tourism and has started growing its own produce. They source the rest locally, to help both local farmers and restaurants thrive.

“We’re very small-scale. But this is huge for the community,” said Joseph Redman of Grace Meadows Farm. Redman knows the importance of using local products. His farm grows produce, a lot of which is used at The Kitchen, a restaurant on site.

“We do about 350 tomato plants, about an acre of sweet corn, about 300 watermelon plants, some peppers, cucumbers, squash, zucchini, and we have a pumpkin patch,” he said.

Redman says wants to see locally grown products go from the farm, straight to the table at other restaurants, as well.

“We feel like if we stay here, it doesn’t go to the bigger operations,” he said.

And growing, and buying locally, helps local farmers stay in business.

“In farming, it’s so hard to make a living right now,” Redman explained. “And, if we support local farmers whether it’s dairy, beef, or produce, or chicken, it just helps them out even more.”

More local restaurants serving locally-grown products is a win for everyone, from the farm to the table.

“You don’t see this very often. You don’t get to come and eat and walk around and see the crops being grown and harvested. So, I would like to see a hundred of them in our region,” he said.

And that hard work, even on a small scale, benefits everyone.

“It is worth it,” Redman said. “When you see the end result, it’s worth it.”