This week’s Community Hero uses his love of art to help others. He saw foster kids were in need and is using his talent to raise money to help their stay at Isaiah 117 house more comfortable.

Brody Hurley of Elizabethton loves to create.

“I like to paint galaxies, sunsets, and landscapes,” he said.

With every brush stroke, Brody is making a difference in his community. He has always loved to create. His mom Dayla says he faced some adversity when he was very young.

“Brody’s deaf,” Dayla Hurley explained. “I think even before he could speak, he was inventing things, he was drawing, painting, he plays piano. Those were an outlet for him.”

Through hard work and medical intervention, Brody can hear and speak. But his love of creating remained. And he decided to put his talent to good use and sell his paintings to benefit Isaiah 117 house.

“I heard they had been getting a lot of kids at their house, so they’re running out of food and meals and supplies,” Brody said. “So I just decided that I wanted to donate money to them so they can get more supplies.”

Brody’s mom has given up part of the family dining room for a studio and has taken to social media to advertise. There is currently a waiting list for his art.

“So people have continued to comment, and spoken to us and said they would love one, but they don’t want to overwhelm him, but he’s got over 50 orders right now,” she says.

Dayla works closely with Isaiah 117 house and says Brody has seen first-hand how it helps kids.

“It makes you joyful that people are willing to get behind a need like this, and a child, and it makes you happy that your child has a heart for others,” she said.

Each of Brody’s brush strokes is meeting a need and teaching Brody an important life lesson.

“They’re going to be happy,” Brody said.