Two years ago, we introduced you to a young man who is in need of a wheelchair-accessible van. A Hollywood actor helped the family raise money to purchase that van. Now, the boy who was helped is rallying to do the same for his best friend.

After helping Jake Stitt of Morristown get a wheelchair-accessible van for his family, with help from Justin Timberlake and actor and Morristown native Michael Abbott Jr., Abbott was moved yet again. Jake’s best friend Tony was in need of one, as well.

“There’s a loyalty between the two of those kids,” Abbott said of Jake and Tony. “And I would love nothing more than to get Tony in this van as soon as possible.”

When Tony’s family was having trouble raising money, Jake stepped in and started a lemonade stand in his neighborhood. Seeing Jake’s determination moved Abbott to act.

“When I saw him hold the picture of him and his buddy, that’s when I knew we had to get this done,” Abott said.

Once again, Abbott got on the phone and took to social media to help.

“The more of those small donations there are, the quicker they add up,” he said. “And that’s the beautiful thing again about social media.”

Abbot says the generosity of East Tennesseans is second to none.

“The idea of community and giving back in East Tennessee is unparalleled. It’s something that you can’t fake. It’s 100% from the heart. And this is one of those opportunities for Tennesseeans to realize the power of their heart, and what their heart can do,” he said.

With Abbott’s help, Tony’s family is on their way to getting a van that will help them transport Tony safely, so he can spend time with his buddy Jake.

If you would like to help Tony’s family purchase a wheelchair-accessible van, click here.