Community Hero 4-24-19: Trevor Sturgill

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This week’s Community Hero calls Wise County his home.. though he’s currently stationed in Charleston, South Carolina with the U-S Army.
Trevor Sturgill has been in the Army for 10 years now. He’s been deployed to Haiti, Afghanistan, and Iraq… all while serving as “Airborne Infantry” with the 82nd… in Fort Bragg, North Carolina.
After serving his country bravely overseas, Trevor is currently an Army Medical Department Recruiter in Charleston, SC.
Samantha Sturgill says Trevor’s an outstanding soldier. He helps everyone he can, and his family is so proud of him.
Congratulations and thank you for your service, Trevor Strugill.. this week’s Community Hero.
If you know someone whose passion is to serve his or her country or community.. let us know.
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