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Community Hero for 9-26-18 Chris Trivette

Bristol, TN - This week's Community Hero, Chris Trivette, not only works selflessly for the region, he wears several hats doing it.

Chris has not only been a volunteer fireman since his high school days ...He now works full-time as a Bristol Tennessee Fireman, part-time for Sullivan County E-M-S, and volunteers for the Sullivan County fire department.  All that... and he's only 22-years-old.

His mother, Selena says Chris's first passion is helping people.., even if it gets in the way of his other loves: hunting and fishing.

She says he's the first to jump in his vehicle when he hears a call on his scanner. 

Congratulations Chris Trivette... this week's Community Hero.

If you know someone whose passion is to serve his or her country or community... we have a simple form you can fill out for your nominee here:

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