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Eviset Selected by Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) Health Equity Program

Eviset will receive computing credits and technical expertise from AWS to address health equity with data-driven B2B marketplace for social care providers

NEWARK, NJ, USA, October 25, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Eviset today announced that it has been selected for Amazon Web Services (AWS) Health Equity Initiative, a $40 million, three-year commitment, supporting organizations that are developing solutions to advance health equity. Eviset is a tech start-up developing a data-driven, B2B marketplace for social care providers to optimize matching of community-based organizations (CBOs) with funding and healthcare sector contracting opportunities.

Through the initiative, AWS offers AWS credits and customized technical expertise to selected organizations around the world that want to use AWS services to improve health outcomes and health equity in any of the following areas: 1) increasing access to health services for underserved communities; 2) addressing social determinants of health; 3) leveraging data to promote more equitable and inclusive systems of care; and 4) advancing equity in diagnostics and screening.

“We’re thrilled to be selected for the AWS Health Equity Initiative,” said Eviset CEO and co-Founder Julie Lawrence, “Inclusion in this important program will accelerate our efforts to enhance the ability of local social care providers to better serve their communities.”

The support from AWS will enable Eviset to leverage its B2B social care marketplace infrastructure to help address health disparities for children impacted by intergenerational poverty. Eviset aims to accomplish this by elevating the visibility of social care providers with deep history and roots in underserved communities, and resources that will strengthen existing community infrastructures.

“AWS believes individual health outcomes should not depend on socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, or neighborhood,” said Maggie Carter, Global Lead, Social Impact at AWS. “Cloud technology can help address the inequities in global health that have been amplified by the pandemic. Through the AWS Health Equity Initiative, we look forward to helping Eviset and other organizations worldwide use the power of cloud computing to advance health equity and improve health outcomes.”

Eviset will launch its social care marketplace infrastructure in Philadelphia, which has more than 6,000 registered CBOs providing social care services. In collaboration with these CBOs, Eviset will capture and analyze data that provides deep insights into the community members being served, their experience, and outcomes, and yields predictive signals of short- and long-term benefits and outcomes. This inaugural effort will, for the first time, put all of Philadelphia’s community-based organizations online, making them instantly available for contracting with health plans and health systems.  

Lawrence observes that breaking the cycle of poverty requires addressing entrenched system-wide barriers to accessing basic needs for food, stable housing, and transportation, as well as developing practical life skills. Successful community-led initiatives have shown that efforts to break the cycle of poverty yield positive outcomes when social care providers share lived experience, cultural background, and context with the community members they serve. Historically, however, many of those organizations have been underrepresented when funding and contracting opportunities emerge. While the number of CBOs with dedicated business development staff is growing, some of the smallest yet most impactful CBOs lack this urgently needed resource today.

“There is a huge advantage to having local organizations lead change from within their own communities. Eviset leverages technology to help them overcome the visibility challenge—how to ensure a ‘seat at the table’ where contracts and funding are being awarded—and use data to show their impact,” Lawrence concluded. 

Additional information about the AWS Health Equity Initiative may be found here.

About Eviset 
Eviset is building a fully-open B2B marketplace powered by the social care sector’s first-ever standardized performance indicators. Eviset’s exclusive “plug-and-play” business development and data infrastructure for social care providers enables community-based organizations of all sizes to access healthcare sector funding and contracting opportunities, supporting the inclusion of the many small but impactful local organizations that form the backbone of social care. With Eviset, health plans and health systems can search, identify and select partners from across the entire supply of social care providers in a community—efficiently and at scale. To learn more, visit https://www.eviset.com. 

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