BRISTOL, Va. (WJHL) – The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has created a panel of experts to address concerns stemming from the Bristol, Virginia Landfill.

According to a release from the DEQ, the panel will assist the city with addressing the concerns of residents who have complained of the odor.

“The panel is charged with evaluating existing corrective plans and developing recommendations for a course of action based on the best technical measures and practices available,” the release states.

On March 21-22, the DEQ panel will meet with city leaders and those working to address the issues. At those meetings, the panel will review the history and other pertinent information related to the landfill.

The release states that the panel will be led by Mark Widdowson and Chales Via Jr. of the Virginia Tech Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. They will be charged with providing recommendations for the city going forward.

Bristol City Manager and City Attorney Randall Eads said in a statement to News Channel 11 that the city is looking forward to the panel’s contributions.

“The City is excited to have the panel review the City’s previous actions at the landfill and provide potential solutions moving forward.  The City appreciates DEQ’s willingness to assemble a panel of nationally recognized landfill experts to provide the City and community with additional solutions to correct the landfill odor.”

Randall Eads

The panel was created after Virginia state Sen. Todd Pillion and Del. Israel O’Quinn urged Mike Rolband, director of the DEQ, to visit the landfill personally.