ABINGDON, Va. (WJHL) — A federal judge has denied a request by Bristol, Virginia to dismiss part of a lawsuit filed by Bristol, Tennessee over the city’s troublesome landfill.

Bristol, Virginia wanted the court to dismiss Bristol, Tennessee’s “public nuisance” claim, but an Abingdon district court judge last week deemed it “legally sufficient” and rejected the motion to dismiss.

“The City of Bristol, Virginia accepts and respects a federal district court ruling that Bristol, Tennessee’s claim for money should continue to another stage of the legal proceeding process,” the city said in a statement last week. “However, we remain concerned that Bristol, Tennessee’s ongoing claims for money will draw resources from the important task at hand. Bristol, Virginia remains primarily focused on remediating the quarry landfill odor issues.”

The lawsuit was filed over odors from Bristol, Virginia’s landfill, which have impacted residents on both sides of the state line.