BRISTOL, Va. (WJHL) — The City of Bristol, Virginia began voluntary air sampling and monitoring at the now-closed Bristol Quarry Landfill.

According to a Wednesday release from the city, the sampling and monitoring are being conducted under procedures created and supervised by Stantec Consulting Services Inc., an independent third-party consultant with offices throughout the United States.

“The citizens and taxpayers of Bristol, Virginia, are investing an incredible amount of money and resources to address concerns and implement improvements at the landfill,” said Randy Eads, City Manager & Attorney. “While the testing is not indicative of any increased concern, our taxpayers deserve to know the landfill remains safe and that all the hard work being done is delivering real results.”

Once the samples are collected, they will then be analyzed by an independent laboratory, the city stated. The air monitoring reportedly allows for ‘real-time measurements’ of air conditions around the landfill.

The city will make the results of the air monitoring and sampling available to the public through its websites, the release stated. Information can be posted on “at least a monthly basis no later than August 15.”

The announcement comes as the city continues to address issues stemming from the landfill and its odor. In April, Bristol, Virginia leaders approved a lawsuit settlement with their sister city in Tennessee, and city leaders reached an agreement with the Virginia Attorney General’s Office to resolve the matter.

The landfill has ceased trash intake and efforts to mitigate the odor and cap the site are underway.

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