BRISTOL, Va. (WJHL)- After a HAZMAT team was called to the Bristol Landfill Tuesday, for an “overflow of water” incident, Bristol residents are reacting to the ongoing issues at the site. Among those are businesses in the area, fearful the stink will drive customers away.

Quickee Mart, a convenience store, is located just over a mile away from the landfill, right in the heart of the stench.

“There’s different smells that come from it,” Quickee Mart crew member Bradley Parris said. “Sometimes it’s a gassy-like smell, and sometimes it smells like death.”

Parris said the smell is the worst once it gets dark, and evening is one of the busiest times for the shop. He’s fearful of the impact it could have if the issue worsens.

“People want to rush in here to get out, away from the smell,” Parris said. “People are not going to want to get out of their house. “

The landfill has had issues reported as recently as Tuesday when the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality said an overflow of water was reported.

In a statement, the agency said, “The release was not as severe as originally feared. The release originated from a bermed area that captures surface stormwater and seeps from the inactive 498 landfill.”

Meanwhile, at Quickee Mart, staff said they’ve seen an uptick in demand for incense and odor-eliminating candles from customers just hoping to find some relief.

“Please do something to fix it,” Parris said. “We beg of you. We’re not mad. We’re not angry. We’re just sick of the smell.”