(Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this story misidentified which entities were providing air purifiers. The City of Bristol, TN, Sullivan County, and other private donations have supplied air purifiers to residents who have complained of the odor coming from the landfill.)

BRISTOL, Va. (WJHL) – City officials are taking action after staff at the Bristol, Virginia landfill noticed an overflow of water near the eastern portion of the landfill, according to a release from the City.

Inspectors have now released the findings of their investigation into the overflow and according to a release, the overflow was not as severe as originally thought.

The release states that the overflow appears to have been the result of a failed pump and a closed valve that overflowed a bermed( or level) area that captures stormwater and seeps, causing it to flow into a nearby tributary on the Virginia side.

A tributary is a body of water that flows into a larger river or lake.

Officials say that the leachate wet wells, which hold water that has passed through solid material, did not appear to overflow.

The release also states that reports of sheens on waterways, specifically in Middlebrook Lake/pond on the Tennessee side were “unsubstantiated.”

Samples were collected from waterways up and downstream of the facility and have been sent in for analysis. The City says they will provide an update when those results are in and that no aquatic impacts have been observed.

On Tuesday, staff contacted the fire department to come and see if there was any contamination to soil or water. Their discovery led to the activation of the City’s HAZMAT team and to “seek assistance from the Virginia Department of Emergency Management for a clean-up contractor,” according to the release.

The City states they will provide an update once HAZMAT and other inspectors have completed their review of the affected site.

The Bristol, Virginia Landfill has been a hot topic in recent months. Residents that live near the landfill have reported a strong stench coming from the area, and city officials have investigated the issue but have not found an exact cause as of yet.

The City of Bristol, Tennessee, Sullivan County, and other donors have taken steps to aid those dealing with the smell such as giving air purifiers to residents in affected areas.