BRISTOL, Va. (WJHL) – The latest efforts to mitigate the odor coming from the Bristol, Virginia landfill are now in place, city officials say.

The city says contractors have finished construction on gas well connections to the gas extraction system.

The wells and pumps are installed to help extract the gas that could be contributing to an odor so foul, lawmakers call for federal relief and a local church offers shelter for those affected.

The update on the city’s website says the entire system was tested. This includes a pressure test on the recently installed lines and the pumps in the wells.

Next steps? The well fields must be calibrated, and the city says this will take several weeks.

A second flare was also installed at the landfill, which will allow upgrades to the existing flare. Both flares will burn gas, according to the post.

You can read the city’s entire post here.

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