BRISTOL, Va. (WJHL) — The City of Bristol, Virginia is facing $3,000 in fines for excessive levels of benzene found in the city landfill’s wastewater last month.

Bristol Virginia Utilities, which treats the landfill’s wastewater, issued the city $1,000 fines for each of three violations logged in November.

The landfill’s wastewater discharge permit limits benzene levels to no more than 0.07 milligrams per liter. Samples collected on three occasions showed levels ranging between 0.53 and 3.21 milligrams per liter.

Sample DateSample Collection AgencyBenzene Measurement (mg/L)
11/10/2021City Landfill and BVU*0.53 mg/L
11/17/2021BVU3.21 mg/L
11/30/2021BVU2.00 mg/L

The fines come after the city entered into an agreement with BVU earlier this month regarding excessive levels of benzene. Under the agreement, every future benzene violation would result in a $1,000 fine.

BVU documents show excessive benzene levels have been observed as far back as 2019.

(Source: BVU)

In addition to the fines for the November violations, the city must also provide BVU with actions it will take to achieve compliance with the permit.