BRISTOL, Tenn./Va. (WJHL) — Bristol leaders on both sides of the state line reached an agreement, according to an announcement from the City of Bristol, Tennessee, on Friday.

City officials said that following numerous complaints regarding an odor from the Bristol, Virginia, landfill, teams will collect samples from the landfill to analyze and will share those findings during a public forum.

The post revealed the city hired an independent toxicologist, Dr. Laura Green, to observe the landfill samples and discuss her findings at the public meeting. This will give community members the opportunity to ask questions about the landfill and its environmental impact.

Those who feel the odor has impacted them but did not qualify for the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) might be in luck, the post added. City leaders are working to launch a program that would provide assistance to those not eligible for the CDBG program.

The new program has not yet been detailed, but officials will provide updates HERE once they become available.

“It is this Council’s firm desire to explore every option within our power to provide relief to our residents, and to fully understand the scope of the landfill’s impacts on our public health,” the post concluded. “City Council is committed to continuing to work to resolve this situation, and looks forward to receiving Dr. Green’s public health assessment.”

Answers provided during the forum will be posted on a later date HERE.