ABC Tri-Cities, the high-definition ABC television network began broadcasting on February 1, 2016.

ABC Tri-Cities is transmitting on WJHL channel 11.2 and on cable and satellite.  If cannot see ABC Tri-Cities on cable or satellite, call your cable or satellite provider.

Where to watch:

Over the air, watch WJHL11.2 for all of your favorite ABC episodes. As always, watch News Channel 11's live streams on the go at

Channel Locations

Bristol Tennessee Essential Services (BTES) - Channel 9
Bristol Virginia Utilities (BVU) - Channel 9

Comcast (depends on which system):
  • Bulls Gap – Knoxville Channel 7 Channel 435 HD
  • Bulls Gap – Tri-Cities Channel 7 Channel 435 HD
  • Glade Springs Channel 6 Channel 435/1010 HD 
  • Gray Channel 15 Channel 1010 HD
  • Greeneville Channel 7 Channel 435 HD
  • Norton Channel 17 Channel 435
  • Tri-Cities: SD - Channel 9
  • Tri-Cities: HD - Channel 709
  • Stoney Creek: SD - Channel 4
    Crystal Broadband - 
    Channel 9
Direct TV - Channel 12
DISH Network -  Channel 19
Inter Mountain or Mikrotec -  Channel 20
Scott Telecom - Channel 9
Shentel - Channel 9
SkyLine/SkyBest - Channel 9
Time Warner - Channel 2  
Other Cable Systems carrying ABC Tri-Cities: 
  • Cable Plus *
  • Jack McClanahan *
  • Mountain Cable *
  • Multiline *
  • Sunset Digital Communications *
  • Zito Media *

NOTE: *Please call your cable or satellite provider with specific questions and to confirm channel location.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: When will the affiliate switch happen? A: 12:00 a.m. on Monday, February 1st.

Q: What will the new station be called? A: ABC Tri-Cities

Q: How do I watch ABC Tri-Cities if I watch local TV on an antenna? A: ABC Tri-Cities will be aired on channel 11.2

Q: What will happen to MeTV? A: On February 1st, MeTV is scheduled to move to channel 19.2

Q: Will there be any changes to News Channel 11 and CBS? A: No. WJHL News Channel 11 and the CBS network will continue to broadcast on channel 11.1 and on the same cable and satellite channels you currently watch.

Q: Will the new ABC be available on cable and satellite? A: Yes, all of the cable companies and satellite companies tell us they will carry ABC Tri-Cities. 

Check out the current listings by checking out “WJHL's TV Schedule”.

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