Sam Siepert brightens days from the outside singing in

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The Elizabethton native sings to residents at the Hermitage Health Center through their windows

Elizabethton, Tenn. (WJHL) – Elizabethton native Sam Siepert has been singing at the Hermitage Health Center for nearly two years and the 20-year old isn’t about to let the Coronavirus stop him from serenading residents.

Even with plenty of precautions for the average during these tough times, Siepert said music has the chance to brighten anyone’s day, especially the elderly.

“I felt like it was the right thing to do, it brings joy and if you can’t do much in this virus, you got to do something to do good,” Siepert said. “I have a love for it; it just feels great to do something that I’m passionate about that makes people emotional and fills them full of joy.”

Sam’s mother, Natasha, knows signing to people outside their room is a safe alternative with plenty of quarantine rules in place.

“He’s quarantined to the house, but that’s something I still can do without getting in anyone’s face, doing anything like that,” Natasha said. “I can still try to bring joy to these residents.”

Sam performs a wide variation of artists from the genre of rockabilly, a style that features Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Holly, but most famously Elvis Presley. Aside from each belting a pretty good tune, The King and Sam both have pretty notorious stories from their performances.

“I went to put a scarf around her during one of the shows and she just grabbed me and kissed me on the mouth,” Sam said as he recalls from one of the earlier times he performed at the Hermitage. “I didn’t know what to do, I figured the show must go on, so I stayed in character. She kissed me and said ‘I love you,’ and ‘I said I love you too, baby.'”

Aside from capturing everyone’s heart that hears him sing, Sam cherishes the emotion from the fans.

“My favorite part’s definitely the reactions I get; I’ve got ladies clapping, dancing in their wheelchairs, waving,” Sam said. “Just seeing the joy on their faces in all these is truly an amazing feeling.”

For those of you wondering if Sam’s concert venue will extend past the Elizabethon confines, it could happen.

“I’m open to going to more nursing homes around the area, trying to bring as much joy as possible to the residents,” Sam said.

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