JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) — Science Hill High School’s librarian has devoted the past 33 years to education, but the legacy does not stop there — in fact, it may just be beginning.

From teaching Kindergarten to graduate-level English, Tracy Hoilman has done it all, but he still has the opportunity to foster a love for reading and learning in students for years to come.

“I’m not so concerned if [students] are reading a high level of something,” he said. “If they are interested, and they have a particular passion for something, that’s coming through in what they’re reading.”

Hoilman works with students of all reading and age levels, he revealed. The library remains open for anyone who wishes to use it.

“Our special education comes in, and we read with them,” Hoilman said. “We work with Topper Tots. We also have some AP classes that come in, and they use our space for combined Chemistry and English.”

The Toppers’ library is a library for any and everyone, with the space’s design spearheaded by Hoilman while students and staff helped create the learning environment.

“Sometimes, if you allow people to take ownership of something, that’s the one thing that comes back as strength for them because they will come back and use the space and feel like they were a part of what created all of it,” Hoilman said.

The librarian uses the space to connect students with stories, tales and resources they need to achieve, the Science Hill principal noticed.

“He’s in touch with what the students want to read,” Josh Carter said. “He knows what they want to read, and he does a good job getting books that students want to come and check out and read.”

Congratulations to this week’s Educator of the Week, Tracy Hoilman.

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