JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) — This week’s Educator of the Week spent most of his life in the western part of the United States. When Scott Abel moved to Johnson City, teaching was the last thing he expected.

Abel has been in Johnson City for eight years, all of them at Ashley Academy. For the last four of those, Abel has been teaching physical education.

His journey to the gym has been unique, but so has his impact on his students.

“[Ashley Academy] needed some help with the maintenance,” Abel said. “I was a handyman and a home inspector before this and then they slowly drew me into substitute teaching which was, that was something. A good experience. I loved it. When the opportunity came and the open position they said do you want to come on full time and I said absolutely.”

It’s that “can-do” spirit that sets Abel apart. He is one of the few teachers that sees all
167 students from three years old to 8th grade, every day.

“You do build a wonderful reputation with kids by trying to show them living healthy lifestyles. It hopefully helps them to understand what it means to live a healthy lifestyle,” Abel said.

“It’s just important to know that our tagline is scholars, innovators and leaders, he’s always committed to being the leader whatever his role may be,” Ramona Harr, Ashley Academy Head of School said.

It’s no surprise that this ultimate team player credits everyone around him for his success and
the success of students at Ashley Academy.

“You get happy kids and it’s easy to have happy kids leave when you’re surrounded by just wonderful teachers that we have here at Ashley Academy,” Abel said.

Congratulations to Scott Abel, this week’s Educator of the Week.

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