BRISTOL, Tenn. (WJHL) — As a daughter and sister of fellow educators, Meghann Ramsey saw firsthand how impactful teachers can be on their students.

Ramsey knew she wanted to have that kind of influence on the community and that’s exactly what she’s doing as a kindergarten teacher at Avoca Elementary.

“It’s amazing to see [students] learn and grow,” said Ramsey.

Ramsey has watched her students grow for the past 11 years all at Avoca where she’s taught 1st and 2nd grade and spent the last nine years as a kindergarten teacher.

“I wish everybody could experience from August to May in Kindergarten to see [students] meet a challenge and knock it out of the park and just be so proud of themselves for not giving up and working hard and mastering anything you throw out them,” said Ramsey.

It starts with the space. Inspired by Ramsey’s family farm, it’s unique in every way. From the farm animal decor to the country and western influence in the tables and chairs.

“When I’m comfortable in a setting then I feel like I learn better. I want [students] to be comfortable and cozy. It’s their space too,” said Ramsey.

“It’s not the traditional classroom when you go in there. [Ramsey’s] environment is so children-oriented but it’s whimsical. It’s safe,” said Avoca Elementary Principal Denise McKee.

A safe space and high standards are met with an equal amount of positivity.

“[The students] are an inspiration, they’re resilience is mind-blowing,” said Ramsey. “To be part of their personal story is pretty incredible.”

Congratulations to this week’s Educator of the Week, Meghann Ramsey.

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