JONESBOROUGH, Tenn. (WJHL) — Katelyn Dugger has taught third grade and now she’s a first-grade teacher at Lamar School Elementary School, setting the stage for her student’s academic success.

“[The students] are so unique. They are little sponges,” said Dugger.

Dugger works tirelessly filling her little sponges with reading, writing and math. She teaches all subjects to her 15 students.

“We [have] high expectations for each other. I expect them to hold me accountable. I hold them accountable. We [have] a whole lot of love,” said Dugger.

“We have very high expectations through the state standards and also through Washington County district standards. Dugger really tries to push her students to get ready for the next level,” said Lamar Elementary Principal Mark Merriman.

Reading is at the top of the priority list for Dugger. Getting her students ready for the riggers of the years to come.

“It is our job to make sure [students] are readers by the time they go to second grade. They jump a lot of reading levels in first grade, so [teachers] have a lot of work to do but they are enthusiastic and that’s what I love about this age,” said Dugger.

During this time, Dugger’s students get to see exactly how far they have come through journals they have been filling since the start of the year.

“Their eyes just light up. “I’m a writer, I’m a reader and look where I was compared to where I am now.” I love that,” said Dugger.

A love you can see in Dugger’s room every day.

Congratulations to this week’s Educator of the Week, Katelyn Dugger.

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