BLOUNTVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL) – This week we find our Educator of the Week at Holston Elementary.

It isn’t hard to locate Jessica Moriarty, since she’s been teaching the same grade level for over a decade and a half.

Even more impressive, she’s been doing it at the same school the entire time. Jessica Moriarty is a Kindergarten teacher at Holston Elementary. She’s held the same position her entire career.

She says she loves to watch her first year students blossom during the year. She enjoys watching them learn the alphabet, learn to read, count and even to write their name.

Moriarty also grew up in the region, graduating from Sullivan Central. She even recognizes many of the families as her students come through her class.

One thing that is different for her is the virtual and in-person learning. She has 20 total students, 12 in class on any given day, while eight are online. She blends all her students together with each lesson.

“It took some time to learn to go back and forth so that nobody feels left out, and to make sure everyone is involved in the learning, I ask a question to my class, then I ask the question to my online class. That way everyone is participating in the lesson,” said Moriarty.

Congratulations to Jessica Moriarty, this week’s Educator of the Week.

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