JOHNSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) — This week’s Educator of the Week is a high school math teacher at Johnson County High School. Abby Wilson teaches Algebra 2 Honors and college prep classes to 60 students per day.

“I like to teach because of the influence I have with kids. I get to form a lot of relationships and I know that it makes a big difference,” Wilson said.

“I think it’s important to foster with that positive learning environment that there are no dumb questions and that anything that one of us says, someone can build upon it and can grow,” Wilson said.

That teamwork shows in her classroom. Wilson tries to make learning fun with games and hands-on activities.

‘She’s got passion about our school, she’s got passion about Johnson County, most importantly she has a passion which, like I said, is the best quality for an educator,” said Marcus Dunham, Johnson County High School Principal.

Qualities that are even rubbing off on her own family.

“It’s gone to the point where my dad later pursued education as well and now he is teaching here at the same school as I am,” Wilson said.

Congratulations to this week’s Educator of the Week, Abby Wilson.

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