COMMUNITY HEROES: 20-year THP officer known for going above and beyond in his community

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FALL BRANCH, Tenn. (ABC Tri-Cities) – A Tennessee State Trooper is being honored for not only what he does on the clock, but off.

We are introducing you to Sergeant David Osborne, who is a Marine Corps Veteran, a 20-year Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) officer and community hero.

Driving through Northeast Tennessee, you may notice a state highway patrol officer on high alert.

“David has a unique trait that some of the officers forget as time goes on. He’s a seasoned trooper. He’s been a trooper well over 20 years, but he’s got a heart for folks,” Sergeant Nathan Hall said.

Sergeant David Osborne is also known for having a heart of gold. His colleague of ten years, Nathan Hall said when Osborne is not watching over his community he is serving it.

“There’s a lot of little kids out there that want to be police but due to a certain illness, they might not have that opportunity,” Sgt. Osborne said.

“He’s done stuff for kids all over the region, and not only that but kids across our nation. They’ll be putting stuff on the internet, you know about wearing police badges or they have some kind of a dream that they want,” Sgt. Hall explained. So, david will take it upon himself to send these cards out and send all kinds of cards, police badges and different regalia from thr highway patrol and will send it to these kids.”

He devotes his spare time to visiting children with critical illnesses in local hospitals.

Sgt. Hall said, “He’s done all kinds of extracurricular activities for kids in need. Injured kids, some of them might be needing organ donations. He’s made numerous trips to the Niswonger Hospital up in Johnson City.”

His mission: to bring light into their hearts while they take on the battles within their own bodies.

“At anyone time, there’s 2,000 kids just waiting on an organ donation. It’s just pitiful, so anything that we can do to make those kids smile and keep their mind off of being sick, or for even two minutes, it’s worth it,” community hero, Sgt. Osborne said.

It is a job he takes just as seriously as patrolling the roads, and for it, he is our community hero.

“Troopers work well with him. He’s always there for them. He’s somebody that they can reach on and off duty at all times of the night,” Sgt. Hall explained.

Sgt. Osborne was also a K9 officer for 17 years in the state.

“He had one of the number one nose dogs named Rufus. He was the number one dog in our state of Tennesse. He placed first in the competition when theyhad to get re-certified,” Sgt. Hall explained.

Sgt. Osborne also keeps the safety of wildlife in mind. The two recalled a scenario when they came across a raccoon with a peanut butter jar stuck on its head!

Obsorne joked, “I was working the midnight shift and Sgt. Hall was the midnight supervisor. The raccoon ran across Lincoln Street, in Kingsport and had a jar on its head. So, I called Sgt. Hall in the middle of the night. Me and him were up in this tree, wrestling this raccoon with a jar on its head, which we were successful in getting the jar off the head.”

Sergeant Osborne served in the Marine Corps for three years, from 1992 to 1995.

After returning home from overseas, he was accepted into the THP Acadamy. He spent two years in the Nashville district, eventually returning home to serve the Sullivan County community.

Sgt. Osborne, we thank you for your service!

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