WJHL.com - Congressman Phil Roe drafts alternative plan to 'Obamacare'

Congressman Phil Roe drafts alternative plan to 'Obamacare'

The federal government is in the process of implementing the Affordable Care Act and as the health care overhaul roll out continues, Northeast Tennessee's Congressman, says he has a better plan.

"We do need healthcare reform in this country and the reason is because it is too expensive to go to the doctor or go to the hospital," said Congressman Phil Roe.

But Congressman Roe says the congressionally approved reform plan crafted by President Obama is all wrong.

"Of course you have to appeal the affordable care act," said Roe.

Earlier this spring, Congressman Roe and other Republicans decided to do more than just criticize Obamacare. they drafted their own plan.

It's called Healthcare Flexibility and Choices for Families Act.

A long name for what Roe calls a far more simple approach.

It's a 200 page bill compared to the Affordable Care Act's 2,700 pages.

"We tried to keep this as lean and as non bureaucratic as we could," said Roe.

According to Roe, the bill equalizes tax treatments between individuals and companies.

In other words, businesses and people get treated the same by insurance companies.

Also, no mandates or subsidies and his bill gives people the ability to purchase health insurance across state lines.

"Clarity and simplicity. This is easy to understand it's not hard.  We put the decision back in patients and doctor's hands," said Roe.

But this is politics and Roe realizes there will be opposition from the other side.

"The Republican plan starts off on the complete wrong foot by erasing the progress we've made for seniors, women, young people working folks. To me that's not progress. That is going back," said Brandon Puttbrese with the Tennessee Democratic Party.

Puttbrese says the key to better healthcare in the United States lies within the pages of the Affordable Care Act.

"We've seen the Affordable Care Act is already working to make healthcare more affordable," said Puttbrese.

Something that both sides do agree on, is bipartisanship.

"It needs to be a bipartisan plan that brings everybody to the table," said Roe.

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