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Legislators discuss linking student's grades to parent's welfare checks

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The house recently passed a bill where parent's welfare checks could be affected by their student's grades, but not everyone sees this as getting more parent's involved when they are living pay check to pay check.

Elizabeth Greer, whose daughter is on welfare, told News Channel 11, "There's nine of us in the household that lives here. And even with what income I get I still have to help."

"Struggle more if they do pass that bill. I'm getting things what the kids really need," said Melinda Greer.

Families aren't the only ones who have concerns about the bill.

"My first concern is the impact that it could have on food/ shelter for these children and their homes," said Supervisor of Instruction and Communication for Johnson City Schools.

Bentley said a child's education is not only the parent's responsibility, but the teacher's and the communities.

"Reducing a families income to make a statement about the importance of school and of schooling, I'm not sure that is the really the route to go to achieve the ultimate goal of improved grades in school," said Bentley.

Melinda's daughter is in Special Ed. and said her child's grades shouldn't affect her pocket book.

"It would really effect it, because it don't matter what type of grades get to effect your income."

If the bill is passed, it would effect the hundreds of thousands of Tennesseean's depending on that check.

"It will hurt, yeah, trying to keep what they need and pay the other bills too," said Elizabeth.

If the bill is passed, parent's could off set their child's bad grades by attending teacher conference's, taking a parenting class or enrolling their child in tutoring.

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