WXBQ-FM DJ Marc Tragler stuck in the path of Hurricane Irma

Coconut Creek, Fl (WJHL) -- Among the many people stuck in the direct path of Hurricane Irma is a well-known Tri-Cities broadcaster.

WXBQ - FM DJ Marc Tragler is near Miami, unable to get transportation back to Northeast Tennessee.

By phone Thursday afternoon, Tragler told News Channel 11 he and his girlfriend had the perfect plan - a Caribbean cruise with a return trip through Miami, back on the radio Monday.

But then along came Irma.

"We were on the ship and finally got a chance to see CNN," Tragler said. "We realized what was happening with Irma, and that's when everyone got concerned."

Tragler says they reached the Port of Miami only to find out their flight home had been cancelled. They checked on driving back and realized that wasn't an option either.

"There's just no gas," he said. "I-95 is just a parking lot. You can't get out. We can't get any flights out. We can't even charter a private pilot. So we're just stuck."

Making matters worse, Tragler says supplies are sparse.

"The lines here are ridiculous," he said. "Go to Walmart, Target or any of your food places down here, and basically all the canned foods are gone. Water is in short supply. Lowe's is running out of boards to board up windows, so it's getting kind of intense."

So their new plan is to hunker down in Coconut Creek north of Miami where Tragler's brother lives and hope for the best.

"The house we're in is pretty new and very well built," he said. "It was built in 1999 post Andrew, and codes are a major factor in our safety."

Tragler told us he's grateful to WXBQ radio for their patience and to his listeners for their prayers and good wishes.  He's hoping to catch a flight out of Miami as soon the storm clears.

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