VIDEO: Girl bitten by kangaroo at wildlife safari park in Alabama

WAFF via CNN - MADISON COUNTY, AL (WAFF via CNN) - A nine-year-old girl is recovering after being bitten on the head by a kangaroo while visiting Harmony Park Safari in Madison County, Alabama.

The incident was caught on camera.

"You blame yourself sometimes, like, 'Why did I take her to the park that day? Why did I take her to see the kangaroo?" said mother Jennifer White.

Nine-year-old Cheyenne and her three-year-old sister were in for a surprise Saturday. Mom drove them to one of the girls' favorite places.

"I'm just glad it got me instead of my baby sister because it would have hurt her even worse," said Cheyenne White.

Harmony Park Safari, in the Owens Cross Roads Area, where the family has been to many times before, but they had never seen the kangaroos.

"I was really cute because she would walk one and it would follow her," said Jennifer.

"I thought it was playing," said Cheyenne.

Jennifer took this cell phone video of her daughters, up close to the kangaroo, the younger one reaches through the fence, and then the kangaroo reaches its head and arms through the fence, grabs Cheyenne by her hair, and appears to bite her head.

Her mother says her little girl now has 14 stitches.

"I'm just glad I was there," said Jennifer.

Harmony Park Safari told media by an employee the owners do not want to comment.

At the entrance to the kangaroo trail, are signs posted showing a state law as a warning to customers that they take their own risks when visiting an agri-tourism business.

And there are two plaques on the fence that say "I Bite."

Jennifer says if the park had a better barrier preventing contact with animals, or fencing that wouldn't allow it, her daughter won't have been bitten.

"I don't want it to happen to someone else's kid because they may not be as fortunate as my daughter was," said Jennifer.

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