Threatening Comcast letters warned of "bullet through the head," assault rifles and explosives

News Channel 11 has uncovered graphic details involving the threats that shut down three Comcast locations last month.

One of a handful of letters mailed to Comcast employees, obtained by News Channel 11, reveals the letters were electronically signed by a person claiming to be a Comcast manager.

"My office is rigged with C4 as well as my (car)," the letter said. "I'm carrying an AR-15 on my person and in my (car). The first one of my (sales team members) who disrespects me during 1:1 meetings on Monday Oct 5th, will take a bullet through the head. I have remote detonators for my office and my (car). If anyone tries to stop me, I will not hesitate to push the buttons."

Johnson City Police Department Capt. Mike Street says his investigators, as well as federal authorities, have interviewed the person listed at the bottom of the computer-typed letters.

"At this point in time we don't have any kind of evidence to support any kind of charge," Capt. Street said. "There was no evidence to support any kind of charge of this individual."

District Attorney Tony Clark says aside from the man's name at the bottom of the letter there is no other evidence linking him to the threats. He says the man has been cooperative and he does not expect any charges in the case.

"I don't think any evidence points to him," Clark said. "There's nothing to say he didn't do it or he did."

Capt. Street says the investigation is still open. The Johnson City Bomb Squad searched the Johnson City Comcast location last month but did not find any explosives.

"We are working with the Comcast investigators," Capt. Street said. "They're looking at some computers. We're still looking into it."

The threatening letter ended with a warning about people using racial slurs to describe the supposed manager, saying he might "make a statement like the one in Charleston, SC."

"The threats that were made to Comcast employees in our Galax, Va., Norton, Va., and Gray, Tenn. offices in October are part of an ongoing police investigation," Comcast spokesperson Alex Horwitz said. "Therefore, we must direct all inquiries to local law enforcement at this time."

Comcast recently eliminated some positions at those three offices. However, the company says the reorganization was not related to the threats.

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