President Trump addresses Farm Bureau during 2nd trip to Nashville

WKRN Staff - NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – President Donald Trump spoke at the American Farm Bureau Federation's annual convention at the Opryland Hotel on Monday afternoon.

During the address, which lasted just over 30 minutes, Trump said he was "thrilled to be back in the amazing state of Tennessee."

He spoke about the first steps he's taking to provide broader, faster, and more internet coverage to rural America, even signing the executive orders at the end of his speech that would expand broadband access.

"Our farmers are our future," he told the crowd. "Throughout our history, farmers have always, always, always led the way."

In addition to discussing his plans to improve internet access to rural America, Trump spoke about his successes since taking office last January.

"We've created more than two million new jobs," he said. "We're way ahead of schedule and unemployment is its lowest it's ever been. [The] stock market is breaking new records every day."

He continued, "The American dream is roaring back to life and we have just signed the biggest tax cut in American history."

President Trump landed in Nashville just after 2 p.m. While at the airport, he spent a few minutes with supporters who gathered for Air Force One's landing before traveling about 10 miles to the Opryland Hotel.

It's the first time in 25 years that a president has addressed the American Farm Bureau, although the sitting president is invited every year.

"I'm so honored to be the first president to address the American Farm Bureau in more than 25 years," he said, adding, he plans to attend next year's 100th annual conference.

"One hundred is much cooler, so I'll be back next year," he told the crowd.

The president left Nashville just after 4 p.m. He is expected to attend Monday night's Georgia-Alabama game in Atlanta later tonight.

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