False Alarm issued in Syria

False Alarm issued in Syria

BEIRUT (AP) - Syria's state run television says a false alarm - and not an outside aggression and incoming airstrikes - had set off Syrian air defenses early this morning.
The TV quotes an unnamed military official as saying on Tuesday that air defenses fired a number of missiles because of a false alarm, without providing more information.
Hours earlier, Syrian government-run media said the country's air defenses confronted a new "aggression," shooting down missiles over the central region of Homs and a suburb of Damascus.
The reports did not say who carried out the pre-dawn strikes, which were reported by Syrian state TV and the government-run Syrian Central Media.
The reports came just a few days after the United States, Britain and France conducted airstrikes targeting alleged chemical weapons facilities in Syria, in retaliation for a suspected poisonous gas attack. 

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