Mount Carmel to soon use a handheld speed camera to catch violators

MOUNT CARMEL, TN (WJHL) - The town of Mount Carmel has approved a new way to catch people who are speeding.

On Tuesday, the Board of Mayor and Alderman unanimously approved using hand-held speed cameras.

Earlier this year the town deactivated its speed cameras on Highway 11W, leaving a lot of drivers relieved.

But the Board of Mayor and Alderman approved a different type of speed camera, one that's handheld that generates a photo enforced, officer issued citation.

"They listened to a presentation from blue line solutions representatives and voted to go with them," said Mount Carmel Police Chief Jeff Jackson.

He said several people from different subdivisions were at that meeting.

"Their major complaint was the speeding in the city and they wanted something done about it," he said.

These cameras are new to this region.

He said there will only be one handheld speed camera in the town and a designated officer will operate it in places with the most complaints.

A $50 citation will be mailed to the speeder.

"They will have 30 days to pay the penalty or request a court hearing. After that, if they just ignore the ticket there will be other finance charges and stuff placed onto it and it will be something that will eventually be collected," Jackson explained.

Alan Cloyd lives in Mount Carmel. He agrees speeding is an issue in subdivisions, but does not agree with the hand-held speed cameras.

"A regular police officer pulls you over that way you know if they've got insurance or any outstanding warrants or anything like that. This camera here is just going to send them a ticket and they can go on down the road," Cloyd said.

Jackson said the officer still has the option to pull someone over, but if that person is driving too fast, this speed camera would cite them without putting other people in harms way.

"Best case scenario this vehicle will stop when they see the blue lights but some of them don't and you end up in a pursuit," Jackson said.

The camera is provided free of charge by Blue Line Solutions. But out of the $50 fine, half will go to the company, the other half will go to Mount Carmel.

Chief Jackson's best advice, "don't speed and nobody's going to get caught."

It will be 60-90 days before this camera goes into service. There will also be a public notice and a grace period.

Mount Carmel is also still in the construction phase of its red light camera that will be installed at the corner of Hammond Avenue and Highway 11W. It should be activated within 60 to 90 days as well.

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