Johnson City man with Down syndrome practices with co-workers for line dancing competition

JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL)- Three times a week, you can find David Coleman and his co-workers practicing their line-dancing moves outside Texas Roadhouse in Johnson City.

The team of employees are practicing for the Texas Roadhouse Regional Line Dancing Competition in Knoxville on Tuesday. Their star dancer is long-time employee David Coleman. He has worked at Texas Roadhouse in Johnson City since it opened 14 years ago. He has Down syndrome, and normally you can find him filling peanut buckets each morning.

"He's a really big asset, you know he does things behind the scenes that no one else really gets a chance to see. He takes the time to put peanut buckets on 69 tables and makes sure that he does a real good, clean job of it and has a lot of fun while he does it as well," Texas Roadhouse employee Amber Castle said.

Tuesday Coleman is trading in peanut buckets for a fiddle and some impressive dance moves.  When I asked him what his favorite dance move is, he answered with confidence, "the robot."

He brings smiles and laughs wherever he goes, and in his 14 years of working here,  his co-workers say he's also taught them lasting lessons.

"It's really encouraging to see someone like Dave, he's really a spark of light for us, he's extremely happy all the time and he reminds us that it's extremely important to be positive and happy with the life that you have," Castle said.

As for the competition, "I'm ready for it," Coleman said.

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