Gaggle of Canada geese attack bald eagle in Kingsport

KINGSPORT, TN( WJHL)- Wildlife officials say a bald eagle is in recovery after being attacked by a gaggle of Canada geese in Kingsport.

The attack happened along the Holston river near the Kingsport Greenbelt trail.

The incident was first reported by people who saw a bald eagle that looked like it was unable to fly.

People who work at Andes-Straley Veterinary Hospital in Kingsport responded trying to capture the bird.

Eventually TWRA was called in to assist, finally bringing the bald eagle to safety on Tuesday.

Brian Bailey is a veterinarian assistant at Andes-Straley who helped with the rescue efforts.

Bailey said the geese attacked the bald eagle because they were trying to protect their eggs.

"He was getting too close to them, and where he couldn't fly it made sense he was just kind of wandering, and there was nothing he could really do, and that's when they ganged up on him," Bailey said.

Now that bald eagle is in the care of UT's College of Veterinary Medicine and is being treated for an injured wing.

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