Food City CEO looks to expand wine sales to Sundays and Holidays in Tennessee

TRI-CITIES, TN/VA (WJHL) – Food City's CEO Steve Smith is leading the charge to change state law and he said he's doing it to help make wine sales more convenient for customers

Food City is one of several grocery and convenience stores that have had wine on their shelves since last summer, thanks to a change in state law.

Smith wants his stores to be able to sell wine on Holidays and on Sundays which you can already do with beer, stores can only sell wine during the same times as package stores.

In a recent op-ed, Smith said Senate Bill 947 and House Bill 719 in Tennessee would equalize the hours that wine can be sold in supermarkets to match what local municipalities have already decided for beer, and this is all in response to what consumers are looking for.

"They wanted wine in supermarkets and we went to bat, took us seven, almost eight years but we got it done and we got it done with their help. We listen to our consumers and what our consumers ask us to do we try and represent them," Steve Smith said.

The legislation was assigned to a state government committee.

Smith said he wants consumers to have their voices heard and they should reach out to their legislator with their opinions, he hopes this legislation is acted on.

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