Black: ‘Totally opposed' to what ‘they are calling medical marijuana'

Chris Bundgaard - NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – As seven of the major candidates are making appearances statewide, it's just one of the questions the candidates for governor are getting out on the campaign trail.

Congressional member Diane Black made a round of interviews local and nationwide as she decided to step down as the first woman to chair the U.S. House Finance Committee.

She will remain in her seat while also campaigning for the Republican nomination to the Governor's office.

"I would say I work full time all of the time," Black laughed while noting that Sundays are always off limits for any campaigning or congressional work so that they can spend time in church or with family.

One of the issues that's getting growing support from many other conservative Republicans on Tennessee's Capitol Hill is medical marijuana.

It's not impressing Black, who said medical marijuana is already available in the pill form called Marinol.

"I am totally opposed to this idea of what they are calling medical marijuana because there is nothing that has come out of the NIH (National Institutes of Health) to show that there is consistency and that we can be comfortable in whatever the marijuana is that is on the streets these days," she told News 2. "And frankly if it made it to my desk today I would veto it."

Black like almost all Tennessee Republicans calls herself "a block grant person," where federal money for such programs as state's Medicaid Tenncare would be handed over the states with fewer strings attached.

"The ability to manage it, I believe we can do that and we were showing that we could do that in our state piror to what was happening with Obamacare," added the lawmaker.

That would mean various levels of cheaper coverage where some that would lack insurance for hospital stays or have caps on how on how much some illnesses are covered.

Obamacare mandated such coverage for insurers.

With just a little over a half year before the primaries, we'll be catching up with the all the candidates for governor again as they make their case before the voters.

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