Roundabout planned for Browns Mill, Mountain View Road intersection in Johnson City

JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL) - Johnson City traffic engineers have reported that the intersection of Browns Mill Road and Mountain View Road in Johnson City is a problem area, but they may have found a solution to relieve some of the traffic congestion.

"I have been through quite a few roundabouts and I've seen accidents galore," Donna Schreiber, a Johnson City resident, said.

Donna Schreiber is not happy that Johnson City plans to build a million dollar roundabout at Browns Mill Road and Mountain View Road.

"If people are not used to it, it's going to be harder on them," Schreiber said.

Although there's only been eight accidents in the intersection in the past three years, Johnson City's Traffic Engineer Anthony Todd said a roundabout is the perfect solution to both problems.

"We will actually add an additional lane as you go into the roundabout. Its suppose to have better traffic flow issues and safer, normally when you introduce traffic signals you don't actually reduce accidents you just change the type of accident," Todd said.

Right now around 6,500 cars pass through the intersection each day and that number is expected to go up. In 2018, traffic engineers project over 2,000 cars during a one hour period during peak rush hour.

Although a roundabout may be confusing for some at first, Johnson City Commissioner Jenny Brock thinks it's the way to go.

"I think they're going to really like it once they get some practice going through the roundabouts because you just keep going," Brock said.

Todd said the best way to use a roundabout is to pay attention to the signs and choose your lanes before you go into it to easily come out of the roundabout.

The city hopes the roundabout project -- the fourth and biggest in Johnson City -- will ease traffic and make the road a safer place.

They hope to have the project started by early 2017 and completed by early fall.

The city is also planning a project on another section of Mountain View Road to solve heavy traffic at the narrow tunnel below the railroad tracks.

Todd said that project is still in the planning stage.

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