TDOC conducts 'Operation Clean Sweep', checking on sex offenders

TRI-CITIES, TN - The Tennessee Department of Corrections wrapped up a multi-day sting to make sure sex offenders are following their probation requirements.

'Operation Clean Sweep' is an annual sting operation conducted by the Tennessee Department of Corrections.
Officers make sure sex offenders in the region aren't breaking the law.

"We're going around to sex offenders' homes and we are doing home searches," said Probation and Parole Officer Paul Miller.

These are surprise visits to check that sex offenders are following the rules of their probation.

"We're looking for anything that they're not allowed to have such as alcohol, any pornographic materials, things of that nature," he explained.

TDOC invited News Channel 11 to ride along and listen in as they made their surprise visits.

At the first home and second homes, nothing was found.

But Officer Miller said drugs were found at the third home.

"During the search of the home in the common area in the kitchen we found a small amount of marijuana. Which led us to believe there may be more in the household. And we found some more in one of the bedrooms and so we've contacted Johnson City Police Department," he said.

TDOC said the offender's sister claimed it was hers, so she was cited.

TDOC said it's rare they find violations from offenders, but it does happen.

"It happens, but I think that low number of violations is a testament to our officers and their hard work on a 24/7 basis to make sure our communities are safe," said PIO Rob Reburn.

In total, there were more than 385 surprise home visits in east Tennessee during the operation, with more than 50 of those taking place in the Tri-Cities, where only six minor violations were issued.


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