Hawkins County woman mourns boyfriend's death after accident at plant

HAWKINS COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) - For the first time Monday night, News Channel 11 is learning more about the man who died while on the job in Hawkins County last week.

Thursday night, 34-year-old Arthur Hendrickson, or AJ as his girlfriend called him, died after working with machinery at MIS Incorporated, and getting stuck.

His girlfriend, Kasey Dudley, is expecting their second child together.

"They told me, sit down and prepare myself. I wasn't prepared," Dudley said talking about the moment her dad and his girlfriend told her what happened.

Dudley said she told Arthur that she loved him and she'd see him in the morning, but that was the last thing she would ever get to say to him.

"I'm going to miss his laugh and him just being there. His presence is all I ever wanted from him," Dudley said.

He was a father of one boy named Zayden and was expecting a second child.

"Zayden loved him so much. They were always together," Dudley said.

Kasey's dad Brian Dudley said Arthur was loving.

"He got love for people and his kid and my daughter and me and Emily and whoever walked up to him. He had love for them no matter what. To me, that's more important than anything in life," Dudley said.

His girlfriend just wants to understand how this could have happened at his job. It was only his first week.

"There should have been something to prevent this from happening, not just to him but to anybody," Dudley said.

"Me and Zayden was his everything and all he wanted is for us to be happy. So I know that he died happy because he was doing what he wanted to do," Dudley said.

Sheriff Lawsons tells News Channel 11 that Tennessee's Occupational Safety and Health Administration is still investigating.

An MIS Incorporated HR representative told us this was an unfortunate accident and they're cooperating with TOSHA in the investigation.


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