Coyotes caught on camera in Tusculum neighborhood

TUSCULUM, Tenn. (WJHL) - Some people in a Tri-Cities community tell us they're on edge after seeing coyotes roaming through their yards.

They're not just seeing them, they're hearing them howling every night in Tusculum.

Neighbors tell News Channel 11's Justin Soto this all started within the past few months.

Eric Hawk said he's seen coyotes at the front of his home as well as in the backyard.

"You could tell it was a coyote, the way it was running, it didn't look like a dog," Hawk said.

His nextdoor neighbor, Dale Landers, a member of the Tusculum Planning Commission and Eastview Elementary School principal, shared photos with us of coyotes captured on his trail camera over the past few months.

Hawk now pays even closer attention to his little ones.

"Mommy and daddy tell us not to go back because of the coyotes," Hawk's 3-year-old daughter said referring to her backyard.

Hawk only permits his kids to play outside while supervised.

"It would be nice not to have that worry," Hawk said referring to the coyotes.

Down the street, Patrick Crum said he's lived in his Tusculum home for 20 years, but the past six months to a year have been different.

"We walk usually at dusk and you can start hearing them," Crum said it's an every night occurrence.

He and his family are now making changes.

"We definitely are more conscious at dark of trying to be in and make sure all of the pets are in," Crum said.

The TWRA tells us the Tusculum community isn't alone.

Coyote mating season is typically from January to March and right now they could be raising their young, requiring them to be more active during the day.

TWRA added that people should not live in fear of the animals because they are not naturally aggressive towards humans.

The TWRA also posted some ways you can discourage coyotes from visiting your home.

The agency suggests eliminating water sources, position bird feeds so coyotes can't reach them and secure your garbage cans.


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