WJHL’s new ABC Tri-Cities is on the air! 

 The high-definition ABC television network began broadcasting on February 1, 2016.

ABC Tri-Cities is transmitting on WJHL channel 11.2 and on cable and satellite.  If cannot see ABC Tri-Cities on cable or satellite, call your cable or satellite provider.

Where to watch:

Over the air, watch WJHL11.2 for all of your favorite ABC episodes. As always, watch News Channel 11's live streams on the go at http://wjhl.com/live.

Channel Locations

Bristol Tennessee Essential Services (BTES) - Channel 9
Bristol Virginia Utilities (BVU) - Channel 9

Comcast (depends on which system):
  • Bulls Gap – Knoxville Channel 7 Channel 435 HD
  • Bulls Gap – Tri-Cities Channel 7 Channel 435 HD
  • Glade Springs Channel 6 Channel 435/1010 HD 
  • Gray Channel 15 Channel 1010 HD
  • Greeneville Channel 7 Channel 435 HD
  • Norton Channel 17 Channel 435
  • Tri-Cities: SD - Channel 9
  • Tri-Cities: HD - Channel 709
  • Stoney Creek: SD - Channel 4
    Crystal Broadband - 
    Channel 9
Direct TV - Channel 12
DISH Network -  Channel 19
Inter Mountain or Mikrotec -  Channel 20
Scott Telecom - Channel 9
Shentel - Channel 9
SkyLine/SkyBest - Channel 9
Time Warner - Channel 2  
Other Cable Systems carrying ABC Tri-Cities: 
  • Cable Plus *
  • Jack McClanahan *
  • Mountain Cable *
  • Multiline *
  • Sunset Digital Communications *
  • Zito Media *

NOTE: *Please call your cable or satellite provider with specific questions and to confirm channel location.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: When will the affiliate switch happen? A: 12:00 a.m. on Monday, February 1st.

Q: What will the new station be called? A: ABC Tri-Cities

Q: How do I watch ABC Tri-Cities if I watch local TV on an antenna? A: ABC Tri-Cities will be aired on channel 11.2

Q: What will happen to MeTV? A: On February 1st, MeTV is scheduled to move to channel 19.2

Q: Will there be any changes to News Channel 11 and CBS? A: No. WJHL News Channel 11 and the CBS network will continue to broadcast on channel 11.1 and on the same cable and satellite channels you currently watch.

Q: Will the new ABC be available on cable and satellite? A: Yes, all of the cable companies and satellite companies tell us they will carry ABC Tri-Cities. 

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